The 10 Most Talked about Movies of 2016

The 10 Most Talked about Movies of 2016

From anticipation surrounding an upcoming movie, to its actual opening and run in theaters, the conversation and online buzz around a movie is becoming more and more online-centric. Social giant Twitter has come up with the list of top ten most trending movies of 2016.

"Trending" doesn't necessarily translate as "popular" with most of these having received thorough lashings online. The heightened online interest does not always mean that the things being said are positive; it just means that people are talking

10. Ghostbusters

Via Uproxx
An all woman cast for the reboot of a beloved cult classic earned a lot of hate online.

9. Zootopia

Via FilmGamed
This kiddies favorite tackled the issues of diversity and racism and was a huge hit with adults too.

8. The Revenant
The one that got Leo the Oscar (finally!)

7. Finding Dory
Everyone's favorite forgetful fish was back and how!

6. Captain America Civil War

Via imdb
Finally the war kicked off, paving the way for a decade of so of sequels ahead.

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