Sounds of Nature That Will Soothe Your Soul

Sounds of Nature That Will Soothe Your Soul

How many people do you know who work from a computer? How many times have they stepped away and enjoyed the sounds of the great outdoors?

If you are living in a city, you know very well how difficult it is to find time to enjoy nature. We save it for the weekend, if we are lucky. Perhaps we will fit in an hour walk in a park during the day. Other than that, our existence in the urban life is an everyday reality and it is becoming more common.

wolf howling

That's why it was exciting to hear about this project: The Great Animal Orchestra. Spearheaded by the Fondation Cartier, this project aims to highlight the most beautiful sounds found in nature.

The Great Animal Orchestra
via CSS Design Awards

The Great Animal Orchestra has come up with this genius solution in order to better connect us to nature. Bernie Krause, a famous American musician and ecologist, narrates through the different symphonies of sound. Krause has spent over 40 years collecting sounds in nature both on land and in the water. He is considered the 'voice of the natural world.' However, before recording nature, he had worked on projects for The Doors, Van Morrison and major directors like Francis Ford Coppola. 


The orchestral sounds found on the site are referred to as acoustic landscapes. There are 5 areas to choose from including Gonarezhou, Zimbabwe and Algonquin Park in Canada. Each zone allows you to listen to the wildlife within it and to learn something about what creates it. The soundscapes are educational, interactive and add a bit of depth to the day.

The recordings are a different type of noise. The blurting of car horns and chatter of cell phones are replaced with songbirds, frogs and even the hum of a whale. The slight heartbreak happens when you take your headphones off and you realize how far you need to travel to hear them in real life. 

Nevertheless, the sounds are powerful, resonant and, better yet, portable. 

We highly recommend headphones for this site.
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