The Healthiest Employers to Work For !

The Healthiest Employers to Work For !

Any job takes a toll on you, both physically and mentally, so it makes sense to work at a place that cares about and encourages the health of its employees. Its a fact that absenteeism costs businesses billions every year. Improved employee health increases productivity and engagement in the workplace leading to a positive impact on the company’s finances. To determine the healthiest workplaces in the UK, insurance company VitalityHealth surveyed companies about corporate policies, practices, and facilities that could affect employee health. The data, was collected and analysed with help from the University of Cambridge and RAND Europe covering 32,500 employee responses from 112 companies. The overall awards are given out based on three company sizes. Healthiest Companies :-

Johnson & Johnson (large)


Nearly 60 per cent of companies now provide stress-management information.

Adidas (UK) Ltd (medium)


Adidas UK offers mental health clinics and life coaches to all workers.

Old Mutual (small)


Old Mutual has an assistance programme that provides counselling on a range of topics, including relationships and debt.

Continue for the Companies with the Healthiest Employees... Healthiest Employees :-

Microsoft (large)

hc_ms Almost all offer bicycle storage racks and more than three-quarters have bicycle purchase schemes.

Sweaty Betty (medium)

hc_sb The most common and popular interventions are in the canteen, where 62 per cent offer healthy alternatives, and 65 per cent provide fresh fruit and vegetables.

Sanofi Pasteur MSD (small)

hc_sp Employers who value the health and well-being of staff reap benefits in productivity. Given that most of these companies are present all over the world, if you get a chance to join them, grab it ! Those companies performing best in the awards had a 24 per cent lower cost of lost productivity (associated with absenteeism and presenteeism) compared with the worst-performing companies. By looking after their staff they bettered their bottom line. Its a win-win situation for all concerned, right ?
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