5 Ugliest Animals that You Do Not Want to Stare for Long

5 Ugliest Animals that You Do Not Want to Stare for Long

Not every animal is beautiful as the swan or cuddly as the giant panda, or extravagant as the peacock. But in nature, every animal plays an important role in the food chain. Still, some of the animals that exist in the world are so unsightly that no one would want to stare at them for long. They say beauty is skin deep. Let's just hope that the same can be said for the 5 animals listed below that don't win marks for stately graciousness.

1. Blob Fish 

1Blob fish lives deep within the ocean, out of the sight of humans, which is good for us. Just know that if you keep this fish in your aquarium, your guests will be eager to leave your home.

2. Tarsier

2Tarsier are one of the smallest known primates that are no larger than an adult's hand. They have enormous green round eyes that can freak any normal person out.

3. California Condor

3You don't have to go far to search for the ugliest animal on the planet. Just head over to California where California Condor resides to get to know more about these large carrion.

4. Warthog

4Warthogs are one of the most beautiful pigs alive... that is if you consider warts to be an object of beauty. Not many people will agree with us when looking at the picture below.

5. Goblin Shark

5The goblin shark is one hideous creature that you wouldn’t prefer to look at. Gladly it's located deep within the ocean.

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