5 Most Beautiful Animals in the Universe

5 Most Beautiful Animals in the Universe

Earth is blessed with thousands of beautiful and exotic animal species. Each and every animal that exists on Earth is a real marvel of Nature. Narrowing down the list of beautiful creatures that exist on Earth is certainly not easy. However, the following 5 animals in our opinion are certainly the most beautiful animals to live on this earth. Gazing at the wonderful creatures listed below will make you amazed and wonder at the consummate creative skill of our Mother Nature.

1. Peacock

1If there ever was a beauty pageant of animals, the male peacock will easily win the crown of the most beautiful animal in the universe.

2. Swan

2Swans are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. They are close relatives of geese and ducks. They are mostly found in temperate environment, and rarely in the tropics.

3. Mandarin Duck

3Mandarin duck is related to the North American Wood duck. The duck is also known as China duck and found in Eastern Asian regions of Japan, China, and Russia.

4. Birds of Paradise

4The birds of paradise are members of Paradisaeidae. These breathtakingly beautiful birds are found southwest of Pacific Ocean in New Guinea.

5. Mandarin Fish

5Mandarin fish is a member of dragonet family that lives off the coast of Pacific Ocean of Ryukyu Island in Australia. The fish dwells in the reefs, but is found in aquariums as well.

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