5 Intelligent Animals that May Even be Smarter Than You

5 Intelligent Animals that May Even be Smarter Than You

Various studies have shown that a number of animals are really smart. Some of the animals exhibit amazing memory skills, while others are great at social skills. Below is a list of 5 intelligent animals whose intelligence and skills have baffled and amazed naturalists who study behaviors of animals.

1. Chimpanzee

1Chimpanzees posses about 98 identical genes to humans, and they are the most intelligent animals as well. They can make and use tools, hunt in groups, and are capable of empathy, altruism, anger, and self awareness. Plus they have a remarkable memory.

2. Dolphins

2Dolphins are the Einstein or Newton of the ocean. These intelligent animals can perform various intelligent activities that most animals can't even think of (literally).

3. Goats

3Surprisingly, goats are also come under the category of intelligent animals that exhibit amazing mental feats. Scientists were recently amazed by a goat that was able to quickly solve a mechanical puzzle of a piece of fruit.

4. Elephants

4Elephants are considered smart for a number of reasons. They grieve for their lost ones, acutely remember people that have wronged them in the past, and use sticks to perform a number of tasks.

5. Parrots

5You may already know that parrots can reproduce sounds. But some of them even understand the meanings of words. African Grey parrots possess the most impressive semantic ability of all the species making them the perfect partner for humans (at least figuratively).

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