5 Exotic Animals that You Can Legally Keep as Pets in Most States of the U.S.

5 Exotic Animals that You Can Legally Keep as Pets in Most States of the U.S.

When thinking about pets, most people think of cats, dogs, parrots, and hamsters. Yet, a number of people are not satisfied with standard pets. They want something special; something out of the ordinary. If you were also searching for an unusual animal to keep as a pet, "legally" that is, then you have arrived at the right place. Here we have made a list of 5 exotic animals that you can legally keep as pets in the U.S.

1. Miniature Donkey

1The miniature donkey looks unusually cute, which you can legally keep as a pet in the U.S.

2. Capybara 

2Owning the Capybara will make you the proud owner of the world's largest rodent. Weighing at about 140 lbs, these furry and scaly friends will certainly keep you company when you are alone.

3. Servals

3Servals are certainly not very cute and innocent. These wild cats are one of the most successful hunters in the wild that will kill its prey within minutes. And the unusual thing is that you can keep these feline animals as pets.

4. Chinchilla

4Chinchilla owns one of the densest furs around that is difficult for even water to penetrate. It must bathe in dust to clean its dense fur. Oh, and you can keep them as pets as well.

5. Spotted Genets

5Spotted genets are native to Africa that make a great pet for those that want independent animals. They look like a cross between a cat, a raccoon, and a ferret.

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