5 Celebrities Who Are Yoga Fanatics!

5 Celebrities Who Are Yoga Fanatics!

Rather than a new fangled trend, yoga is a 5000 year old body of knowledge. It's not merely a physical exercise where people contort their body in the most complex ways, yoga can unfold the infinite potential of the human mind and soul.

Quite a few celebrities have adapted this practice and the results are evident for all to see. It is surprising that many of the beautiful people employ this ancient practice to stay fit and maintain their looks. Below we feature a few prominent personalities who practice yoga.

Robert Downey Jr.

The Iron Man himself was featured on the cover of Men's Fitness magazine performing yoga. He  credits the practice for weaning him away from his past addictions and substance abuse.

Vanessa Hudgens

The teen idol keeps fit by working out twice a day! She regularly practices yoga because it's good for the mind. Goes to prove that yoga's not just for the wise, but for the young as well.

Colin Farrell

The hunky actor dude isn't averse to showing off his muscular body after a session of power yoga! The 39 year old actor credits yoga for helping him continue to look so good.

Emily Blunt

She is hot and super-fit, yet calm and focused enough to pull off an intense arm balance pose in the movie, Edge of Tomorrow. That's a yoga move – people!

Adam Levine

The singer used to practice intense weight lifting that caused significant harm to the body. Yoga helped him recover from the damage, and now he does at least an hour of yoga before each performance.

Easy to learn and convenient to practice, yoga is a regimen that anyone can adopt.
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