12 Hacks to Ease Your Holiday Travels

12 Hacks to Ease Your Holiday Travels

Traveling around the holiday season can be stressful. Many people who live far away from their families are trying to get home. Some people are trying to get away from bad weather. Others are still working and are in transit to get to their jobs. The prices for tickets are usually higher, the lineups are generally longer and direct flights are hard to come by.

There are people everywhere. Your phone is dying and your charger is in your checked baggage, which is getting tossed around. The flight feels longer than you expected with no in-flight entertainment. Shampoo bottles explode in your suitcase ruining your gifts for your family. And to top it off, there is nothing worse than arriving at your final destination to find that all of your clothing has been ruined by the bottoms of your shoes. 

That's why it's important to save your sanity where you can. 

These are 12 travel hacks that will ease your travel woes.

1. Clear your browser history, cookies and cache when booking a flight.

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Clearing the browsing data will wipe the slate clean on travel sites. Many travel sites will use this browsing information to alter their prices that they are offering.

2. Book the red-eye flight.

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If you have an open schedule, try booking a red-eye flight, the last flight out of the airport. These flights tend to be a little cheaper and there aren't as many people in the airport.

3. Fly out on the holiday.

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If the actual day of the holiday isn't a big concern for you, book your flight for that day. Same thing as the red-eye, the flights are cheaper and there are less people.

4. Wrap presents at the destination.

Wrapping your presents at your final destination will prevent any holdups through security. It will also ensure your wrapping paper doesn't get damaged while in transit.

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